smell. feel. experience.

T H E   D E L U X E   S A M P L E   S E T

Carefully filled, polished and labelled by hand and hosted in elegant glass ware, our Deluxe Sample Set is as precious and indulging as a sample set can be.

It is the perfect opportunity to smell, feel and experience theses treats and to see what resonates best with your very own skin. 

CHF  20.50 


CHF 20.50


L I T T L E   T R E A S U R E S   O F   S K I N   G O O D N E S S

The set contains all of our 6 skin care products in amounts that 1-2 uses.

> As these deluxe samples are not protected by miron glass like our original products, they should be opened and used up within a few weeks after purchase to fully benefit from their freshness and vibrancy. Please store them in a dry place at a maximum temperature of 25°C.