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G A L A X Y   -   H A N D M A D E   M A S K   B O W  L

Each one a true piece of art that one could get lost in for hours, these handwheleed mask bowls are magic in form of a dish. One by one lovingly made in a time consuming and complex process, every GALAXY bowl is as unique as her future owner.


The finest quality porcelain in combination with the color scheme of black, gold and all hues of a clear night sky create a timeless and durable piece that is perfect for lovers of elegant beauty tools and artisanal things.

CHF  43 

CHF 43 

composition & care

G A L A X Y   -   H A N D M A D E   M A S K   B O W  L

Composition: 100% food grade french porcelaine.

Care: After each use, rinse with lukewarm water. Use a gentle and natural soap if needed. Dishwasher safe, heat resistant, stain resitant.

> Due to the artisanal process, the galaxy patterns vary from a few gold specks to gold specks allover. If you have a preference please let us know in the comments at the checkout. 

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