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I am.

J U W E L   -   H O L I S T I C   P E R F U M E   E S S E N C E
20 ml  /  EUR 136 (incl. 19% VAT)

In a base of skin loving plant oils, mystical woods, lush blossoms and grounding resins evolve into a sensorial scent experience that supports self-connection and confidence while imparting a dreamy yet down-to-earth aura of timeless elegance and grace. Enriched with genuine gold and enhanced with a roller ball made of Swiss rock crystal, each use is not only an experience on physical but one on energetic level, too.

With its head of freshly cut trees, unfolding into the heart of a lush flower bouquet that sets to a musky, incense-like base, this unisex perfume goes with every mood and every occasion and makes a wonderful addition in moments of stillness and retreat.

Just be.

T H E   P E R F O R M A N C E


Juwel is a scent that goes with every occasion, every season and every mood. A scent that combines romantic floral notes with crisp woods, mouthwatering spices and grounding resins. One that melts into skin and grows on you from boho-girlie to mystically-elegant as the day passes and the night begins (yes, it stays that long!).


But most important, it is a scent that supports the connection to your very essence - the part of you where you are not a specific person but where you are the source of the life that flows through your every cell as it flows through every cell of all beings. The essence that we call love.


Color: dark amber to light brown with gold specks

Texture: Rich and slightly viscous

Scent: Musky, woody, floral

> Suitable for every occasion, gender and age.