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Silky. Soft. Enveloping.

kokon - cleansing cream concentrate & mask​

100 ml  /  EUR now 32 (incl. 19% VAT)

A truly unique fusion of raw cashews, fine organic plant oils and   the mystical essence of Peru Balsam, developed especially for protective cleansing and nourishing care for face and neck.


The concentrated formula emulsifies on contact with water into a lush cream that forms a light milk, which leaves a velvety soft and delicately purified complexion.

cocoon. relieve. recover.

the performance


Unlike any classical oil-in-water product, this lush and creamy water soluble cleanser does not contain the slightest trace of emulsifiers, thickeners or preservatives. Thanks to its absolutely pure and cold processed formula it will never strip your skin or leave it back tight and thirsty. 

With a base mixture made of delicious raw cashew seeds and their derivates it provides the most delightful, silky and delicious cleansing experience. With the scent of freshly made caramel, Kokon is pure bliss in a bottle.


Color: Beige to light yellow

Texture: Creamy, milky, buttery

Scent: Sweet, warm, caramel-like 

> Non-comedogenic and suitable for all skin types. Safe during pregnancy and breastfeeding.


a moment to yourself

the indulgence​

"Close your eyes. Fall in love. Stay there."  Rumi

To cleanse: Morning and evening, dispense a dollop into the palm of your hand and blend with water drop by drop into a rich cream. Massage into damp skin and continue to add water until the consistency becomes milky. Rinse clear.

As a mask: Once a week generously apply undiluted to clean, dry skin and let it sit as long as desired. Works beautifully as an overnight mask, too.

Bonus: As a oil-to-milk cleanser, massage generously into dry skin (avoiding eye area), emulsify with wet hands and rinse clear. 

> Shake well before each use.