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"All good things are wild, and free.

In wildness is the preservation of the world."

- Henry David Thoreau

A letter from Nadine

After having dreamed of making my art part of my daily work since what feels like forever, I am very happy that the time has finally come! Because of the extremely positive feedback on the Limited Edition of Staub, the decision for a permanent and comprehensive redesign of our packaging was an easy one. But it is not only my love for painting and great feedbacks that led to this change, it is also my love and appreciation for mother nature and every living being that we share this planet with. 

The vast amounts of cardboard and environmentally harmful dyes used for outer packagings of cosmetic products have always been a thorn in the side for me and my team. Over the years, we have examined various approaches and searched for materials that could meet our needs ecologically, practically and aesthetically. And we have finally found the solution: sugar cane paper, made from sugar cane pulp which is a by-product of cane sugar production. By switching to labels and outer packaging based on this tree-free paper, Namari Skin becomes a cosmetics company that completely dispenses with resources from forest and tree sources as well as environmentally harmful dyeing and bleaching processes in its packagings.

We are all very grateful to be able to implement the holistic approach of Namari Skin even more comprehensively with this step and to pack our precious products with ecologically consistent materials that are carefully processed in my atelier and in our production studio. In the future, each label of each product will be a handpainted, unique composition of earth pigments and 23K genuine gold leaf, representing my deep  connection with mother earth, father sun and the elements while reflecting our philosophy of mindful, hand crafted luxury in the most loving way.

We have decided to use up existing resources and to make a smooth transition from the old to the new packaging, which is why there will be both packagings around for quite a while.

Here's to an exciting new chapter, which I am beyond grateful to start with you - the greatest customers that deserve nothing less than the best!


Thank you, I love you.


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