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seasonal adjustments

Autumn is harvest time and just as we literally and naturally enjoy the fruits of summer to offer our body optimal regeneration from hot sunny days to replenish it with vitamins & minerals and to strengthen it for the sparse winter time, we should also prepare our skin for the colder season. When winter finally arrives and the days get short and often dull, our skin needs even more nutrition, protection and regenerative care and we can we never get too much warmth and sensuality out of our rituals. 


FACE – While some skin types are calm and balanced in fall and winter due to decreased sebum production, others are dry, sensitive and reactive for the exact same reason. If you’re one of the latter, extra gentle methods are required especially in terms of cleansing and exfoliating. Cleansing without water still is one of the best methods to prevent skin from drying out as well as to bring it back to a balanced state if it is irritated. On a daily base or as some kind of “fasting” – which is often the best thing to do to bring skin back to healthy and glowing – use NEKTAR and VELVET morning & night for a minimal routine with maximum effect. Apply 5-7 pumps of NEKTAR onto dry skin, massage with circular movements and take off with a steamy hot VELVET. If you suffer from very dry or sensitive skin, you might want to adjust the water temperature to warm or even lukewarm. 


Also, NEKTAR & KOKON make the ultimate duo when it comes to protective cleansing: Apply 7 pumps of NEKTAR onto dry skin and massage with warm water. Take a dollop of KOKON mixed with a few drops of water and apply on top of NEKTAR. Massage with circular movements, adding more and more water until KOKON becomes runny. Rinse with lukewarm water and apply a steamy hot VELVET. Breath deep, smell the delicious notes of flowers, nuts and sweet spices while using rolling press-movements to release the steam onto your skin. Make sure not to wipe off the protective and nourishing film of precious plant oils and follow with a generous amount of SORBET, mixed with some drops of ELIXIER and a few pumps of TAU directly onto wet skin to seal in all the soothing hydration. 


Excess sebum and dead skin build up caused by dehydration needs to be gently but thoroughly removed to enhance the absorption of all nourishing and moisturizing treats. To prevent sensitive winter skin from over-exfoliating, mix ½ Tsp. of STAUB, a dollop of KOKON and 3 pumps of NEKTAR and use as a peeling 2-3 times a week. 1 Tsp. STAUB and a generous dollop of KOKON mixed make the most wonderful mask treatment to renew, deeply cleanse soften and nourish up to 2 times per week.


At least once a week, do a favorite – and highly underestimated – ritual not only to indulge your skin but also your senses: Facial steaming. Boil a cup of Water, pour it into your GALAXY bowl and add 5 pumps of TAU. Cover up with a scarf or towel and get lost in your bowl while taking long and deep breaths. Whatever treat you apply before, the effect will be multiplied several times. 


During the day make sure you always have access to a splash of TAU and a dab of SORBET (you can bring them with you wherever you go in travel size). They both will not only extend your morning glow to the max, they will also make sure your skin gets ahead all the hydration and protection that it looses to dry air and cold winds. Simply dab a bit of SORBET around your eyes, cheekbones, lips and neck (where the roll-necks soak up all the moisture) and mist with TAU to seal it in. 


BODY – During the coldest days, skip the bubble bath and replace with our decadent, gorgeously moisturizing Cleopatra mix: In a glass or cup, mix 7-10 pumps of NEKTAR with a generous dollop of KOKON and fill it up with warm water. Stir until fully emulsified and add to the bath water just upon getting in. You can even extend this to a detox soak by adding a hand full of Himalaya salt and ½ cup of sodium bicarbonate. If you want something simple but still delicious,  just add about 10 pumps of NEKTAR to your bath while the water is running in. 


On a daily base, indulge with NEKTAR head to toe directly after showering to keep your skin firm and supple as well to protect from transepidermal moisture loss through highly absorbing winter clothes. 


Instead of the classic hand cream, use 1 pump of NEKTAR (2 before bed) onto wet hands and massage in until fully absorbed. Your hands wont be greasy or sticky but smooth, hydrated and lastingly protected with a lipid layer provided by the finest organic plant oils. On top of that, the high concentration of Jasmine will visibly brighten hyperpigmentantion which might have developed during summer.


As an extra on top of your well fed and healthy skin, be sure to never start a day without a generous dose of JUWEL as it will warm you from the inside out while grounding your mood with an aura of coziness and comfort.

HAIR – 2 times a week about 15 minutes before washing your hair, massage 6-7 pumps of NEKTAR into your scalp to deep cleanse and remove all traces of debris as well as to sooth and nourish dry or itchy scalp, paying special attention to the hair lines which are often irritated in winter thanks to beanies and scarves.

After washing, dispense 2-3 pumps of TAU into your palms, rub them together and spread through the lengths of your hair. This will help a lot with static hair and provides overall vibrance and nutrients for winter stressed ends. Plus the scent of your hair will be just delicious!

seasonal adjustments

Spring is the time of renewal. It awakens not only our mind but also our body and thus our skin. Support this change with dry brushing, drinking lots of water and taking long walks in the woods. As summer comes and with it the warm and sunny days, care for adequate sun protection, moisturize thoroughly, prevent dehydration and imbalances with the following adjustments to your routine:

FACE - to provide as much hydration as possible, mix TAU and ELIXIER directly in the palms of your hands and apply to damp skin directly after cleansing. Do the same with TAU and SORBET on top of it if you're on the dryer side with your skin. 

For oilier skin conditions, make sure to regularly exfoliate with STAUB and increase the frequency up to every second day if needed. 

If you wear heavy sunscreen, you might want to double cleanse in the evenings with first NEKTAR and then KOKON. 

Last but not least, SORBET enhances your summer tan in the most amazing (and natural) way when applied like a highlighter. Bonus: the Gold and Mango butter in it are proven to prevent and address sun damage and uneven skin tone. Apply it mixed with a generous amount of KOKON overnight to heal and recover in case your skin got overheated or sunburnt.

BODY - sun rays have a drying effect which makes skin look dull and fine lines more visible. Prevent this by applying NEKTAR allover every day and even take it with you to the beach to reapply throughout the day (before sunscreen). The fine plant oils will enhance and extend your tan. Whenever your skin needs a quick pick-me-up or you want to skip showering, dispense 10-15 pumps of NEKTAR onto a wet washcloth and smooth over your skin from head to toe. If you're using ice-cold water for this, it will be the most effective and lush refreshment you can give your summer stressed skin!


Treat and sooth overheated or sunburnt skin with NEKTAR and organic raw coconut oil mixed 1:1. If your neckline and or decollete are affected, indulge with KOKON on top of it and let it sit over night.

HAIR- extended sun exposure, heavy winds and salty sea water is a lot to take for hair and scalp. Besides protecting them with a stylish hat or fancy turban, you can do a lot to prevent scalp issues and damaged lengths with the help of NEKTAR, KOKON and TAU.

As a highly protecting leave in conditioner for beach days, mix a generous amount of KOKON with some drops of water until you reach a creamy consistency and massage into the lengths of your hair before tying it up into a bun or braid. 

In the evening before washing your hair, massage 6-7 pumps of NEKTAR into your scalp to deep cleanse and remove all traces of sand, salt and debris and let it sit for some minutes. 

After washing, distribute 2-3 pumps of TAU between your hands and spread through the lengths of your hair. mist your head upside down with TAU to seal in moisture and treat scalp irritation.