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shipping, returns & samples

W H A T   T O   E X P E C T
D O M E S T I C   O R D E R S


Orders within Switzerland and Liechtenstein are always shipped free of charge. Delivery time can be up to 5 business days, usually faster. No orders are processed through weekends and holidays. 


I N T E R N A T I O N A L    O R D E R S


Orders within central Europe are shipped free of charge from CHF 100, while all other international orders ship free of charge from CHF 200.  Smaller orders ship with a general flat rate of CHF 25. Delivery times vary from 5-10 business days, depending on country and region. No orders are processed through weekends and holidays. There may be delays due to customs clearance which are beyond our control.  

C U S T O M S   F E E S   A N D   T A X E S


If you are shopping international, there will most likely be customs fees and taxes to pay upon receiving your package. Although this is the correct procedure for cross-border orders and something that is beyond our control, we have decided to set up the following "additional cost refunding program":

If you have to pay taxes and customs fees for your Namari Skin order, simply send us a scan or image of your receipt and we will refund the full amount in form of a gift coupon, valid for two years after date of issue for purchases via namariskin.com.



We know that finding the perfect match for your skin care can be challenging. We want you to be 100% confident with your purchase and this is why we offer a money back guarantee of 30 days after YOU HAVE OPENED THE PRODUCTS THAT YOU HAVE ORDERED.


This means you can take all the time you need until you start using your purchase and then still have 30 days to decide if you are happy with them or not. If you're not, it is completely up to you to either make a one time exchange with another product or a return.


For both options please reach out with your full name and order number. Please understand that we are not able to refund or cover any shipping costs or additional customs fees in case of a return or exchange.


S A M P L E S 


While we do hope that your search for the perfect skincare routine ends right here, we fully support the idea of trying before buying. That is why take every effort to create a beautiful and easy to access sampling experience. 

Single deluxe samples - Choose up to three deluxe samples at a special price of CHF 2.50 for each along with your purchase, directly at the checkout.

Deluxe Sample Set - Shop the complete collection in miniatures here.

Shipping for the Deluxe Sample Set is generally free while the ordering amount is limited to one per order and person. The Deluxe Sample Set ships with Swiss Post priority service. Shipping costs as explained above apply automatically if other items are added to cart.