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a child of nature

the beginnings

Raised by a single hippie mom, part time living in communes, sharing a big farm house with like-minded people and being surrounded by lush green hills, small and big woods and crystal clear creeks, I always was a child of nature.


We spent many family nights laying by the fire in the garden while listening to shaman music, watching the night sky and talking about life and what it is about. I was looking for answers to the big questions from a very early age and even though I still don't have them all and surely never will, the foundation for who I am, what I believe, how I feel about life and what I do with my one has been set back then, attached to mother earth and the universe and I am beyond grateful for that. 


To the day I am constantly yearning to connect with nature and her elements, her gifts and her wonders of all sorts while making all efforts to never stop growing and developing my understanding for life and all its aspects, and my work is a vital part of all that. 

Skin is our largest organ and it is connected in some way or another to every single organ in and outside of the body. Our bodies start with skin and end with skin and they rely on it. Skin interacts with our inside as it does with our outside, building a connection between the two and being ever open and vulnerable to whatever we put on it from both sides.

There is no other organ that plays such a big role in interpersonal affairs, nor is there a more direct and impactful way to express love, care and to let energies flow and although it often was painful and frustrating, I don't think it was a coincidence that for the main part of my adult life I have been struggling with reactive, inflamed, congested and blemished skin, different kinds of allergies and food intolerances.

If I wasn't, I might not have been so obsessed with skin, its functions and symptoms and the question of how to achieve and maintain a healthy and beautiful complexion. I would not have that holistic and thorough understanding for it and for the impact that skin issues can have on the individual - physically and emotionally. 

Today, my skin is finally healthy. If it gets imbalanced once in a while, I know how to effectively restore it both from the inside and outside, and I am on the mission to support others to achieve the same.


There's a really subtle feeling you get when you're doing what you need to be doing. It's a moment of quiet contentment when you sit down to begin. It is clarity and ease and natural motivation. Because more than anything, it is an effortlessness. It is reaching a supernatural state of flow. What you are meant to do is ingrained in your DNA, not doing it is not an option. When you're on the right path, the path continues to unfold before you, even when you fear it will not. The world will open up to give you opportunities to ensure you can continue doing what you're here to do. Remember that what you love and what you're good at do not intersect by coincidence."

- Brianna Wiest


live. love. laugh.

the journey

When I started Namari Skin in 2016, my hope was that one day my husband Simon would be joining in and we would officially become a family business. In early 2019, not even three years later, he became our head of production and now we are running Namari Skin together, supported by an intimate team of assistants and professionals. Striving for a simple and holistic lifestyle with a minimalistic approach, we find that our freedom is our greatest luxury.


On a perfect day we wake up to the chatter and cuddles of our two year old, followed by some romping around in our family bed while the sun greets us through the roof windows. After a quick breakfast which usually consists of homemade coconut-chocolate yoghurt or porridge, we take care of the daily tasks, go to the farmers market, enjoy some time outside or meet friends. Evenings are for home cooked dinners at our family table, for reading books, watching movies or sitting by the fire while playing instruments or doing smudge rituals.


Spending time by the sea and traveling to our favorite islands - Ibiza and Sardinia - several times a year allows us to slow down, to recharge and to run our business without loosing balance and passion. We love to connect with people from all around the world and with our swiss, arabic and mediterranean roots, we are influenced by many cultures and traditions and so is our work. Creativity owns a big role in our life and while for Simon it is playing and listening to music, for me it is photography and painting.

Namari Skin is not only the foundation of our living but also a seed that was set to grow a network of mindful and heart connected individuals which contribute to a conscious, kind and loving society. We happily invite you into our world of sensory treasures and hope it will change your relationship with skin, nature, yourself and the beauty industry for good.

With all our love and gratitude,

Nadine, Simon & Team

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