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quality over quantity

the new kind of luxury


In a world that is flooded with millions of products for all kinds of desires and “problems”, a world that is suffering from our society’s striving for more - more things, more choices and more comfort for the individual at the cost of the greater good, “quality over quantity” is not only a state-of-the-art concept, it is slowly but steady becoming the new kind of luxury.


In our case this luxury comes to you in 7 multi-functional formulations for face & body that are 100% natural and high performing, each one meant to be a sensorial experience that delivers immediate results. 


the beauty of nature

one for all skin types


The beauty of nature and of her ingredients is that almost all of them work in many different ways and for many different needs and concerns. Combined in the right way and used in optimal concentrations, the final product, too will work for a diversity of skin types, conditions and problems. 


And while every single Namari Skin product is designed on the base of that concept, they not only work synergetically to complement and enhance each other in order to deliver fast and lasting results, they also perform beautifully on their own for visible and noticeable improvements after just a few, often even within the first use.

genuine plants for genuine skin care

ingredients & results

Imagine a lush plate filled with delicious, fresh, nutrient dense fruits, herbs, seeds, nuts, blossoms, resins and precious raw materials like gold, silver and clays, bottled up on your bathroom shelf and ready to feed your skin twice a day. Whole plants and edible ingredients that literally get from the field into the jar to nourish the skin and keep it alive as if you were eating directly from the garden, neither genetically modified nor treated in the laboratory - this is our understanding of genuine organic skin care.

The level of performance that is achieved with these "plant to bottle" formulations leads to fast, serious and lasting results. This noticeable transformation comes with the fact that our skin never tires of the nutrition that it needs in order to appear in its most radiant beauty, just as our bodies never tire of a healthy, balanced diet to function in their best, most natural state. Offering our skin an optimal diet leads to lasting improvements with the positive side effect that we are not manipulating or suppressing our skins functions with synthetic, rigid or even harmful chemicals.  

Trypticase soy agar (TSA)  Tryptic soy broth (TSB)  Oil in flask.jpg

how we work

standards & process

In order to achieve a maximum concentration of active ingredients, we do not use fillers or thickeners, nor do we add water, neutral oil, waxes or emulsifiers to our formulations.

We rigorously exclude questionable and inferior ingredients such as silicones, mineral oils, parabens, petroleum derivatives, sulfates, GMO's, synthetic alcohols, fragrances and dyes, PEG's, carcinogens and endocrine disruptors.

Every member of our team fully understands and values his and her role of an important contributor to the mission of Namari Skin and together we strive to create a work environment that lets our creativity flow and allows room to grow as a company and as individuals.

Appropriate wages, insurance and healthy working conditions for all employees are a matter of course for us and result in a positive working atmosphere, which contributes significantly to the overall quality and vibrancy of our products. 

swiss handmade?

swiss handmade.

To us, being originally a Swiss brand means to be a local brand, a brand that supports and works with other local companies and chooses the option to support the local economy over cheaper and questionable alternatives from across the continents.


The complete process from ingredient sourcing, production, filling and polishing bottles takes place in our studio in the countryside of Zürich and recently packing and shipping orders in our office in Berlin.  

And while we are excited and grateful to internationally represent our beautiful countries that is known for the exquisite quality of its products all over the world, we are equally excited about the growing number of local customers who share these values.


made to order

small batch manufacturing

We believe that our valued customers deserve nothing less than fresh and vibrant, effective and nutrient dense products for their skin care. That is why we produce many small batches per year -often made to order - . No outsourcing, no distributors and no warehouses are in-volved in our trade operations and because of our artisanal production methods we are able to produce only what is needed within a specific time frame.    


to protect quality

miron glass

While sunlight is the root of life and growth for a plant, it also accelerates the decaying process as soon as the plant has reached maturity or has been harvested. The light that has once been the source of life for the plant now breaks down its molecular structure and in the case of harvested plants, ingredients or finished products, it decreases microbiological stability, concentration of plant actives and the quality of the aroma.

Miron glass works like a constant filter to protect its content from this process. It is a vital support for our self-preserving formulations and allows to fully avoid any kinds of preservatives or stabilizers. It keeps our products as fresh, potent and aromatic as they are in the moment of manufacturing.

While this knowledge and forms of ultra violet glass have been already used centuries ago by alchemists and ancient medicine men, the meanwhile world famous Miron Glass Company and its patented production process was founded in Switzerland in 1984 by Yves Kraushaar.  

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