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from my heart to yours

my philosophy

The time has come for a new kind of skin care.


Skin care which is not just about correcting flaws without regard for losses, but is part of the greater good. Skin care that takes place in the constructive exchange with human, animal and nature and which interacts with body and spirit.


From nature to nature, from my heart to yours.

Taking into account the environment, quality, sensuality and of course efficacy, I make every effort to develop products that meet my expectations as a natural cosmetician as well as those as a wife and mother in private everyday life.


kindness. self love. heart connection.

my aspiration

It is my wish to inspire you to a holistic kind of skin and self care.

It is my dream that you celebrate your skin and self care in its noblest and purest form. Away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life, as a sensual and self loving ritual of caring for your whole being.

It is my aim to make this possible while taking into account every creature on and our beautiful planet itself, and in doing so to appreciate everything miraculous, mysterious and beautiful that emerges from it day by day.

The result of this is down-to-earth luxury in all facets.


pure. sensual. holistic.

my promise

Formulations that are uncompromisingly clean, highly concentrated and result driven. Handmade in Switzerland with nature's most exquisite and raw ingredients. Individually applicable and inspired by centuries-old traditions and recipes.

A world of scents, colors and textures, standing for intuitive living, natural intelligence and genuine beauty.


Products that are fair trade, vegan, cruelty free and made in a sustainable manner, with about 15% of the sales profit that is donated to animals and humans in need as well as to charity organizations allover the world.


Because Namari Skin for me is not only the fulfillment of a heart's desire but also an expression of respect and deepest gratitude for life and all that belongs to it.

Nadine Ammari